Human Trafficking with Dottie Laster:

This year on the Awareness podcast, I have interviewed some amazing people. Christine O'Donnell (a journalist featured on episodes 1 &2 about child sex trafficking), Dr David Perrodin (a safety expert and host of The Safety Doc Podcast featured on episode 3 about Bullying), Crista Miller (a Parent advocate and mother of a survivor, featured on episode 4 about child sex trafficking ), and Alicia Kozakiewicz, a survivor of a grooming kidnapping, featured on episode 6). So it is only fitting that we close out 2017 with another amazing person, Dottie Laster a Human Trafficking expert.


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Thanks to Dottie Laster for fighting for us, and for sharing her story! You can find Dottie Laster's contact information here: https://www.awarenesspodcast.com/guests/


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