Bonus: Season 1 | Part A Story Updates The summer is fast approaching and we are getting closer to resuming the release of new episodes. A lot has hap...View Details

BONUS EPISODE! Hello fellow Awarians and welcome to back for this bonus episode!  I want to thank you for sharing the episodes and for sticking with ...View Details

Sexual Offenders: Facing Reality **WARNING** This episode contains graphic language about violence towards children, please use your discretion. This...View Details

School Attacks | Part 3 with Dr. David Perrodin  I have been at it for a year now, researching stories about people who have been affected by some of...View Details

School Attacks | Part 2 - Columbine with Dr. David Perrodin  As the world mourns yet another mass shooting, thoughts and prayers, from around the wor...View Details

School Attacks | Part 1 with Dr. David Perrodin  Bath Consolidated School Sources: 22 things you may not have known about the 1927 Bath school massac...View Details

Trafficked Story by Dottie Laster & Online Grooming: Carly Ryan  Today's episode will unfold in 2 parts.   During the first part of the episode...View Details

Online Grooming: The Grooming of Adults | with Dottie Laster: On today's episode, Dottie Laster returns with a truly shocking story about an adult bei...View Details

Human Trafficking with Dottie Laster: This year on the Awareness podcast, I have interviewed some amazing people. Christine O'Donnell (a journalist fe...View Details

Online Grooming: Internet Safety with Alicia Kozakiewicz: In 2002, the internet was budding and the world was creeping into our households. Browsers l...View Details

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